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In which the best I can do is try to “be the change…” 

Do schools and education need to change?

Yes, at least for some.


1. Because some learners are unhappy/ worried/ stressed/ frustrated/ bored/ ill-served.

2. Because learners are easily and commonly convinced that these conditions are trivial/normal/good for them.

What obstacles are in the way of change?

Upright and locked positions. The ease of the status quo. Fear of loss. Fear of loneliness. Lack of confidence in self and others. Unexamined cultural or personal assumptions about “well roundedness.” Presumptions about the superiority of academic knowledge. Vicious circles. Fondness for the devil one knows. Adulation of the past. A “survival of the fittest” view of the world. Hierarchical mindsets. A linear conception of learning and life.  A “tragedy of the commons” approach to knowledge. The belief that quantities are limited while supplies last.

How do we create educational change? 

Prioritize learners’ happiness. Examine their futures. Act on new perceptions. Trust learners’ choices and self-knowledge. Be adventurous. Be available. Fold, spindle, and mutilate. Find like-minded travelers. Accept their different journeys and destinations. Balance idealism and realism. Show commitment. Ignore some stuff. Experiment. Facilitate resiliency. Cut everyone some slack. Draw the line at dysfunction. Listen carefully. Speak up when necessary. Accept uncertainty. Understand ambiguity. Live with imperfection. Compromise wisely. Know that terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Breathe deeply.  Model hard work and happiness and learning.

Lather, rinse, repeat.



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